Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday!

In our house we have several birthdays clustered right around the Holidays and it makes for a VERY busy season. My birthday is so close to Christmas that many of my birthday presents have come wrapped in Christmas paper! {Many} years ago as I was trying to figure out what to get my son for his birthday, which is right AFTER Christmas when the stores are all EMPTY. I was really having trouble finding him something he wanted or needed...and I came up with the idea of celebrating his half-birthday which is in the middle of summer! That is how it all began. I started making him {half} a cake for each half birthday and getting him one present for his half-birthday. No party, just the family. I THOUGHT it was a GREAT idea and it WAS until I had four more children. Now we have a birthday, a holiday or a half-birthday every single month of the year!

The last half-birthday was my daughter's. She turned 9 and a half. We usually put in full candles and then squash the half candle down but in this layout I used a number 9 candle and simply stuck a regular candle way down. And yes, this is a whole cake...but we only ate half? ;) After all, there ARE seven of us now!
This layout is made with adorable Cookbookin' chocolate chip paper. I just got these papers in the mail and had to use some right away! I clipped the corners with an old Creative Memories corner punch and then I added one of Cookbookin's new recipe cards but instead of listing the recipe, I told the story of half-birthdays in our house.
Then I made the fan flower, added a bow and some Prima bling.

Do you have any special food related traditions in your house? Leave a comment, We'd love to hear them!

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