Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soda or Pop? Coke or Pepsi ~~~or RC Cola?

Coke or Pepsi? RC Cola perhaps? And what do you say: soda, cola or pop?

RC is what my husband's family would say. Of course, they owned an RC Cola bottling plant in Oregon for years. I was almost banned from the family the first time I drank a Diet Pepsi in front of them.

I tried to find some old photos of the plant and especially of my DH working there but alas, no luck! What I did find was a cool RC Cola bottle in a local antique store. It was Red and Yellow!  I knew I had THE perfect papers to embellish it with at home. I knew it would look fantastic sitting on my mantle with a few country flowers sticking out of it. I knew my husband would LOVE it. My in-laws would love it...SOLD!
So, even though it was a ridiculous price, I snapped it up. When I went to the purchase counter I learned it was 50% off! THRILLING!!! Such a wonderful surprise when that sort of thing happens...

I brought my little treasure home and whipped out my Cookbookin' Sweet Summertime Busy Bees    paper (red & yellow ~~~PERFECT) and made some of the fan fold flowers that I learned from the amazingly talented Helen Croft. I stacked a couple of them and glued them onto my bottle. Then I added some cute little polka dot ribbon and a couple Maya Road pins and voila!

LOVE it! 

Now if I could just find an old wooden RC Cola bottle crate...

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrapping!


  1. OMG that is awesome, and so creative., I bet you did scroe points with the family! It looks beautiful on your mantle with the fall foliage.

  2. Ohmygosh, that's fantastic! In my parts, it's called soda, or everything is Coke, even if it's not. LOL I prefer Pepsi. :-)

  3. what a great story!
    your mantel decos are awesome...

  4. Love it - what a great project and with family history, too!! We call it pop.

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